Cliqset Wants to be Your Centralized Profile

This is a guest post from reader Trae Blain. You can visit his site at If you are interested in writing a guest post, just head on over to the contact page.

cliqsetCliqset has been around for a while, but I have just recently stumbled across their service. The easiest way to describe Cliqset is that it’s much like Plaxo in that it wants to be your centralized profile. You can add all your contact info into Cliqset and you’re profile will be viewable to all or just your set of contacts which are also added to Cliqset. This ties you and your contacts information and web activity together into one site.

Cliqset enters the lifestreaming world by including all your various web content into your profile. See Example. The profile page is standard fair, as far as profile pages go, with your online content placed in a steady stream. The items are nicely grouped together so you don’t get a long stream of pictures when you decide to upload all your vacation pictures, usurping all your other activity.


The main feature that sets Cliqset apart is not its lifestream capabilities, but its platform that you can use to ensure all your social profiles are the same. This can help bring unity among all your social profiles. Also Cliqset provides you with a OpenID url that is the same as your profile url. This can further help in unifying your online identity. I have not been able to dive into the platform tool much.

cliqset-servicesCliqset can aggregate from 30 social services including location based services like Brightkite and FireEagle.  Adding each service is very straight forward and simple. Most of the items simply ask for your username and many (as far as setting up your profile goes) don’t ask for any login credentials. Adding my Yahoo profile was the only item I had some difficulty getting setup.

Cliqset is a nice, clean profile site with lifestreaming capabilites. It supports many features that profile pages offered by Google and Yahoo do not provide. Cliqset can most closely resemble Plaxo in number of features for your online profile.