Foxytunes Planet Offers Pseudo Lifestreams for Bands

The other day I came across a link for an artist page on the Foxytunes Planet beta site. I made my way to the Jack Johnson page and on there was able to find videos, photos, song lyrics, similar artists, merchandise links, and more. Doesn’t sound very unique except that all of this is aggregated information across services like Flickr, YouTube,, Yahoo, Amazon, and a few others.

Foxytunes Planet - Jack Johnson
Foxytunes Planet Beta page for Jack Johnson

Everything is provided on a single page that has the ability to page through the service blocks all the while keeping you on the same page. The method used by Foxytunes is similar to one I wrote about back in February of last year titled creating a Lifestream using Pageflakes. This same method can also be used on Netvibes as I’ve seen used in their Universes.

It’s nice to see unique implementations of social services aggregation. I’m glad that it continues to break into the mainstream. I’m looking forward to seeing more unique uses in the future across many other areas.