Generate Rich Personal Analytics from your Facebook Data with WolframAlpha

Last week WolframAlpha announced the release of personal analytics for Facebook.This comes several months after we learned at the Quantified Self blog that Stephen Wolfram is an avid self tracker. Sure there’s been some other services that have provided some statistics by connecting to your Facebook data but none have had the power of Mathematica and their pretty charts and graphs to compute their results.

The detailed analytics are broken down into several buckets. The activity section provides breakdowns of the type of content you post such as links, photos, videos, or statuses. There’s also some more interesting facts such as the frequency of word usage in your posts. Apparently I like to use the words great, new and here. They also provide you with friend activity across your posts. There’s a breakdown of top commenter and post sharers. All of these are complimented by various visual graphs and charts including a nice world map showing the location concentrations of your friends.

You have the ability to share individual sections of your report via clip pages. There is a link at the bottom of the report titled “Download” which isn’t active yet but states”Download your full results as a single interactive or static document for offline use”. If you mouse-over the top of the report (where your name is) it exposes several icons with download options as well which may offer the same features.

I’ve shared my analytics below and you can go create your own by visiting the WolframAlpha page here.

Click image to view full size