MyBlogLog to Add Lifestreaming Services Very Soon

mybloglog_logo.jpgI (along with any of you who are MyBlogLog users) got an email on Friday from MyBlogLog. We knew they had recently released an API to private beta, we knew that developers were coding some cool features, but what we didn’t know is that they were planning to add Lifestreaming functionality directly on their site.

In the email they discuss a new feature being launched called “New with Me”. This feature will essentially add a Lifestream to your profile page by displaying all the activity across the services you added to your MyBlogLog profile.

From the email:

In a couple weeks, we’ll be launching a new feature called New with Me. This feature will use the URLs on the Services tab of your MyBlogLog profile to aggregate your latest activity on sites such as Twitter,, Digg, and YouTube. As a result, your profile page will look different – publicly available updates from the services you have listed will be merged with your existing information. Your latest Flickr photos, tracks, and YouTube videos, will all be in one place.

The email goes on to say that they will also be merging in updates from your contacts. So essentially creating a Friendstream (an aggregation of your friends Lifestreams) on the page as well. It will be interesting to see how the profile page will change based on their implementation of the functionality.

You can get more insight as to what prompted them to add this functionality from their thought provoking “Broadcasting Your Online Life” post on their blog. They have also added information on the “New with Me” functionality to their FAQ page.

I don’t have numbers, but my guess is that MyBlogLog probably has a bigger user base than any of the existing Lifestream services. By adding this functionality, they will be introducing a large number of new users to the Lifestreaming concept. That should hopefully be another big step towards increasing awareness.