One Man’s Mission to add a Service to His Lifestream

Even in this day and age there are still some web services out there that offer no way of sharing the data created by them from an RSS feed or API. This can be problematic if you want to add that data to your Lifestream.

Well there are some tools out there that will allow you to do this with the best one available being Dapper. Lifestreamer Mark Cheverton wrote a post providing details on a process where he did this for a site called Lovefilm and shared the details. He even processed the Dapper created data through Yahoo Pipes to clean things up even further.

It’s a good read if you have a similar situation and you want to learn how to do this.

From his post:

Overall this probably took me two hours to setup, but a lot of that was learning and fiddling around the edges. Dapper is certainly a very powerful tool and combined with the more programmatic functionality of Yahoo! Pipes, which allows me to start making my locked up information more portable. The one restriction at the moment is the current inability to automate any logins, so if you don't have a shortcut private URL for your data you're out of luck on an automated login. I think this is possibly an opportunity for OpenId in the future.

via The digital polis: A Lovefilm lifestream hack with Dapper and Pipes.