Talking ‘Bout Lifestream Monetization Models

I’ve covered (and have been vocal about) privacy issues and how they related to Lifestreaming in the past, and that’s a whole nother topic. But Eduardas has been spending quite a bit of time thinking about the monetization aspects of Lifestreaming. As “evil” as that may sound, the reality is that for big name (and deep pocket) sites to take Lifestreaming to the next level from a platform development standpoint, they need to tie a revenue model around it. So with that I bring you a snip of a post he just wrote that covers some very interesting methods to accomplish that.

At this point we can safely claim that no integrated lifestream monetization models exist. This will radically change in the next few years. In fact, I think that lifestreaming will become big business. In this post I want to give a short overview of how different kinds of lifestream items can be monetized plus some ideas about what all of that will mean in the wider context.

Here’s the rest of his post