Wired Story on Bringing Lifestreaming to the Masses

I came across this story today on Wired titled Plaxo Widget Brings LifeStreaming To The Masses. I’ve played around with Plaxo Pulse and think it’s actually pretty nice and was planning on covering it here. But that’s not what drew my attention from the story.

Here’s a quote from the story:

Plaxo’s Pulse social network aggregator is now offering an embeddable widget for those of you looking to jump on the “lifestream” bandwagon.

Every week I see more and more top sites using the term Lifestreaming and here Wired is even talking about bringing it to the masses. Very interesting time for those of us who have been early adopters and are looking forward to more of our friends and family to jump on the bandwagon.

Making it easier to create a Lifestream (along with the sources) and addressing privacy issues will be the main obstacles sites will need to overcome for Lifestreaming to reach a tipping point. I feel that for most people this will be achieved next year.

What do you folks think?