WordPress Lifestream Plugin Creator Announces Launch of a New Service

Reader Jason Carter gave me a heads up regarding the launch of a new Lifestreaming service coming from the author of the WordPress Lifestream plugin. I’m a big fan of the plugin and am currently using it at krynsky.com for my personal Lifestream. David Cramer, the plugin’s author, made this announcement in a blog post.


Here’s a snip from the announcement:

We want to create a platform where this data is open to the user. A platform where they can use this data whenever, wherever, and however they want. Breaking down barriers between the data providers, and the user is not our only goal, but we also want to bring you a platform which goes above and beyond what the others offer. Allowing you to group and tweak your feeds (which are being relabled as sources) to your hearts desire.

He also goes on to discuss other features such as:

  • Grouping different feed types
  • extensions for vBulletin, Blogger, and MediaWiki
  • Communication with the WordPress plugin (presumably to connect to your personal blog)
  • Ability to get flexible access to the raw data (also presumed by me based on explanation)
  • Themeable homepage

He states that the service will slowly be opening up to users over the next month, and he hopes to have a beta launch within the next 3-6 months. If you’re interested in helping him during the testing phase you can contact him by email letting him know. You can read the full post regarding the announcement here. I’m looking forward to this launch as it comes from someone who has a good amount of knowledge having spent quite a bit of time learning about the intricacies of developing for a Lifestreaming platform.

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