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chris_dancyI recently came across this very interesting presentation by Chris Dancy on “Existence as a Platform”. In it Chris makes the point of taking the concept of the quantified self to a higher level by expanding it to our existence. Chris has been self tracking for quite some time and has been profiled in many articles and interviews.

He did a talk on this presentation recently where he discusses the convergence of the quantified self with the internet of things and in it states “What’s amazing about these technologies is not the technologies, it’s what they’re going to do to the world around us in the next 3 years.”

He then goes on to provide a few examples about how sensors, personal and other types of data will provide innovations in our future. Below is both the slideshow of his presentation along with an edited down video version of his talk covering it (here’s the full talk). I love how he tells his story in an engaging and entertaining way. You can see additional articles and interviews about Chris on his website.

The Presentation

The Talk
(edited. Here’s the full talk)

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