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I was contacted a few days ago by Dirk Olbertz to let me know about his Noserub Protocol and their first sample application written using it called Identoo which is a Lifestreaming service.

You can download the Identoo sample application written in PHP & MySQL from their site.

Identoo ProfileIt appears that the timing of Noserub, which by their own words are trying to be “an inspiration, protocol, and implementation of a decentralized social network” is interesting to say the least with Google’s announcement of OpenSocial. It’s still a welcome addition in my mind since having many players work together will be key in building an open framework for Lifestreaming moving forward.

I created an account on Identoo and liked it’s very clean minimalistic approach of just tracking the data. I also like the tabbed menu approach of filtering content types. While you can add other contacts from the service it doesn’t provide a “friendstream” page to filter just their activities. There is however a public “social stream” page that tracks all updates in real-time.

Once again, they provide the source code so that anyone who aspires to look at how a Lifestream application is implemented, or may want a jumpstart their own development efforts, can take the app for a spin.

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