Identoo Lifestreaming Service Built on the Noserub Protocol

I was contacted a few days ago by Dirk Olbertz to let me know about his Noserub Protocol and their first sample application written using it called Identoo which is a Lifestreaming service.

You can download the Identoo sample application written in PHP & MySQL from their site.

Identoo ProfileIt appears that the timing of Noserub, which by their own words are trying to be “an inspiration, protocol, and implementation of a decentralized social network” is interesting to say the least with Google’s announcement of OpenSocial. It’s still a welcome addition in my mind since having many players work together will be key in building an open framework for Lifestreaming moving forward.

I created an account on Identoo and liked it’s very clean minimalistic approach of just tracking the data. I also like the tabbed menu approach of filtering content types. While you can add other contacts from the service it doesn’t provide a “friendstream” page to filter just their activities. There is however a public “social stream” page that tracks all updates in real-time.

Once again, they provide the source code so that anyone who aspires to look at how a Lifestream application is implemented, or may want a jumpstart their own development efforts, can take the app for a spin.

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  1. Thanks for your post! There actually is a view, where you can only see your friends activities: when you are at yours, or anyone else’s profile page, there is a link on the right called “Contact’s Social Stream”. This then will only show the social stream of contacts for this profile.

    We already recognized, that this is not such a good idea to somehow hide it there. In the next update, the main tab “My Contacts” will lead to this view for your own friends. The current content of that tab then will be reached under a link “manage” on your contact’s box on your profile page.

    In short: the feature is there, currently not placed very well, but we will change that shorty 🙂

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