lifestream_fm_logo.jpgI wrote about a while back. This new service came on the scene and very quickly got purchased. Well it’s now been 2 months since the acquisition and they have been working on a new version and it has just been released.

Here’s a list of new features:

  • Support for 56 services 
  • Comments – You can now leave comments on items posted.
  • Filters – Filter services and followers
  • Search – Not just your stream, but all of for content and friends
  • Import your friends from your address book
  • See your last visitors displayed
  • Extended profiles with contact info
  • Delete posted items to your stream
  • A German version supporting new German services 

If you want to try these new features out though, you better hope you already have an account as they have now gone into closed beta. If you’re interested in joining I’m pretty sure I can secure some invite codes that will be posted in the comments later.

Along with these new features they’ve launched an Adobe Air app for the service. I would report some info on this but unfortunately it did not work properly for me.

You can find my page here and you can read more about the new relaunch on their blog here.

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