lifestream_fm_logo.jpgI think I’ve stumbled on to a new Lifestreaming service at It appears to be in development  and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Nothing fancy or new here, but it has a nice clean look. It also has a lot of similarities in UI & design to Twitter. The profile lists a user’s name, location and website. You can view a lifestream “with other” based on a users’ friends. They also make use of the followers & following namesakes. You also have some limited options with regards to designing your page with a background image and color.

lifestream_fm1.jpgThey’re currently limited to only supporting 8 services, but one of them is Xbox Live. I’ve seen this as a requested service on other Lifestreaming sites in the past, but haven’t seen it implemented before (not even Profilactic :). It states that adding the service “Lists your last played games on Live”. I don’t have an Xbox Live account so I couldn’t test this, but I’d imagine others would like to try it.

They have several other neat methods of displaying service data. I like how they diplay CD covers enhancing the recently listened to tracks from They also seem to have a nice method of grouping items from specific services with a clean in-page ajax expansion. They don’t offer in-line playback of videos for Youtube, but offer detailed info with a mouseover.

lifestream_fm2.jpgThey don’t currently offer a badge or widget but they do provide an RSS feed of your lifestream. So basically nothing really different or unique with this service (minus Xbox Live support) but still a very nice and clean simple service. Sometimes less is more and I liked the little time I spent playing with this service. As I said it appears top have launched very quiely and I’d expect more features to come.

You can visit my page on here

Update: You can see a comment below by founder Juan Xavier Larrea & you can check out his page here. I also just wanted to say that in a web world of private betas and invite only services I applaud Juan for just putting his efforts out there even if they aren’t ready for primetime. +1 for avoiding the all too common startup bullshit my friend.

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