New Lifestreaming Service Launches Under the Radar

lifestream_fm_logo.jpgI think I’ve stumbled on to a new Lifestreaming service at It appears to be in development  and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Nothing fancy or new here, but it has a nice clean look. It also has a lot of similarities in UI & design to Twitter. The profile lists a user’s name, location and website. You can view a lifestream “with other” based on a users’ friends. They also make use of the followers & following namesakes. You also have some limited options with regards to designing your page with a background image and color.

lifestream_fm1.jpgThey’re currently limited to only supporting 8 services, but one of them is Xbox Live. I’ve seen this as a requested service on other Lifestreaming sites in the past, but haven’t seen it implemented before (not even Profilactic :). It states that adding the service “Lists your last played games on Live”. I don’t have an Xbox Live account so I couldn’t test this, but I’d imagine others would like to try it.

They have several other neat methods of displaying service data. I like how they diplay CD covers enhancing the recently listened to tracks from They also seem to have a nice method of grouping items from specific services with a clean in-page ajax expansion. They don’t offer in-line playback of videos for Youtube, but offer detailed info with a mouseover.

lifestream_fm2.jpgThey don’t currently offer a badge or widget but they do provide an RSS feed of your lifestream. So basically nothing really different or unique with this service (minus Xbox Live support) but still a very nice and clean simple service. Sometimes less is more and I liked the little time I spent playing with this service. As I said it appears top have launched very quiely and I’d expect more features to come.

You can visit my page on here

Update: You can see a comment below by founder Juan Xavier Larrea & you can check out his page here. I also just wanted to say that in a web world of private betas and invite only services I applaud Juan for just putting his efforts out there even if they aren’t ready for primetime. +1 for avoiding the all too common startup bullshit my friend.

12 thoughts on “New Lifestreaming Service Launches Under the Radar”

  1. Hello there,

    Thanks for your interest in As you state, the service is currently under development and many plugins (services) are still missing, not even the homepage is complete but its functional enough for testing.

    So please be aware that nothing you see there is final.

    Best regards.

  2. Hello Juan, and thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. Can you provide any more details on or what functionality you are currently working on?

  3. About played game usages ; Wakoopa made hudge update to detect Steam client games. Not only HalfLife, detect famous mod as Counter Strike, Team Fortress, or Day of Defeat :o) .oO(hey Robert, why not Wakoopa tracker for XBox ?)

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