9rules adds a Lifestream Section to My.9rules

Read over in a blog post by Tyme from 9rules about a new Lifestream section being added to my.9rules

Here’s a snip:

Scrivs previewed The Stream for my.9rules the other day. What is not showing on my example is under lifestream, several services will be brought together to make it easier for the reader/viewer to follow everything that is being said by the individual.

Just another sign of Lifetreaming entering the mainstream.

P.s. you can find my 9rules page here

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  1. Another Lifestream Plugin fake. Bof* :o| .oO(move your ass, guys ! L2F have a plan !)

    (*) french word which mean I’m not surprised.

  2. In my experience, Lifestreams take forever to load because they’re not cached but do things live. We cache our users RSS feeds many times per day so our Lifestream display is instant. Also, this is just a minor feature instead a feature inside another feature in the next version of 9rules, so although some applications or plugins are built around the lifestream concept, we just thought it’d be handy for our users and built it in a few hours.

  3. Hi Mike…thanks for visiting and posting details about the addition of Lifestreaming to 9rules. I look forward to being able to setup my stream and watch your implementation of the functionality progress.

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