A Look at the World of Lifestreaming Through the Eyes of Jessica Mullen

I have written about Jessica Mullen several times here at Lifestram Blog. Her Lifestream was featured in Gallery #10, and I have covered her application of Lifestreaming as a city metaphor as well as the posters she created for a college course.

A few weeks ago she gave a very lengthy and candid interview to the Gala Darling blog. Jessica is a self described Lifestreamer. The interview covers how she discovered Lifestreaming (with a nice shoutout to this blog) details about how she has fit Lifestreaming into every aspect of her life, and even how she’s been able to derive an income from it.

Jessica is always finding new and creative ways of applying Lifestreaming to her daily life. She’s created the School of Life Design, the Popular Podcast with her partner Kelly Cree, and streams her life at Jessicamullen.com all the while oozing great positive energy and creativity. I find it very interesting to peek behind the curtain and learn more about the philosophy and thoughts behind people that Lifestream. You can read the interview here.

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  1. Hi Mark, what a pleasant surprise! I really appreciate you posting this! I wouldn’t be where I am without you and your site :]

  2. Aww shucks Jessica. Thanks. I never tire of hearing people tell me that this blog helped or inspired them. It’s why I continue to write here. Good luck in your future.

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