A Slew of New Lifestreaming Sites

I predicted that this year was going to be big for Lifestreaming and it seems that sites are starting to sprout left and right. I couldn’t be happier but for the most part these are all very similar in rehashes of data aggregation based on API’s and RSS feeds. There hasn’t been anyone to really leverage the data to create new compelling functionality that would attract the masses. Part of the issue may be that none of the sites yet have a large user base, but I could be wrong. This still seems to be more of a techie niche that hasn’t broken out yet…but it will.

Here are a few more sites that I’ve come across that can be used for Lifestreaming. I’ve spent very little time at these so I don’t have too many details but I wanted to provide them to you nonetheless.

I heard about Second Brain on Digg and quickly applied for a “Test Pilot” account. I added a few of the pre-configured feeds they offer but this site appears to be a collaborative team or group site that allows for aggregation of external data.

Mubashar Iqbal notified me of a new site he’s working on called Me In One. This is definitely a true Lifestreaming application that takes a similarly minimalist approach like correlate.us although there isn’t a fixed limit to the types of feeds that can be added and the site also offers a convenient OPML file that is generated

based on all the feeds that you add.

You can find my Me In One page here.

After perusing visitors to my site I found that Michael K. Pate had visited here and he runs a site where he has provided some quick snippets about several Lifestreaming apps. One that I hadn’t heard of before visiting his site was Where is Me. This looks pretty promising with a nice interface but the site limits the number of feed items per source to be imported to 10 items which I’m guessing is on a daily basis. They also seem to be stuck in the 90’s with regards to web page sizing with a content area width of 460 pixels. Does anyone run their monitors at anything less than 1024 x 768 any more? Jeeze.

You can find my Where is Me page here.

Mee Card is about to start a closed beta which I signed up for but haven’t gotten the invite yet but it appears to be a Lifestreaming app. Here’s their description.

Your meecard neatly combines all your Web presences into one appealing little card – a snippet of youness – that you can easily share with others.

Based on the last 3 sites it looks like it’s all about me me me…personally I’m more interested in you.

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Me In One.

    I just wanted to mention that this is the first version of the site, and I am going to continue to add new features, and visualizations of the lifestreams.

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