Add Daily Mug Shots to Your Lifestream

I found out about Daily Mugshot today via Emily Chang’s eHub. Here’s a great simple idea that is implemented beautifully. Use your webcam to snap daily pitures of yourself and chronicle them. I recently bought me a sweet new Logitech QuickCam 9000 webcam and have been having some fun hangin’ out at Yahoo’s new Live service.

So with the purchase of my new toy, I’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting video services that can be used as a source to add to a Lifestream. Daily Mugshot definitely fits that bill. It’s got a very simple and elegant interface and does a fine job. They even offer a reminder application for both Windows and Mac so that you don’t miss those daily shots.

They offer a widget with custom codes for many different social networks to embed your on-going facial updates. My only complaint is that there isn’t an RSS feed available which would be useful to add to a Lifestream. I’m hoping they’ll add this shortly as that will make this service much more viable to add to Lifestreaming services.

Stop the presses…after twittering about this before the post reader Matt replied with another interesting option of using FlickrBooth (Mac only) to update a Flickr set and pull from that RSS feed. Sounds like a decent alternative.

Below I have embedded their widget although there appears to be issues with the embed code.

Here’s my widget (It’s work from home day…mmmkay?)

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