Cliqset Quietly Releases Aggregated Likes Feature

Today Cliqset announced they had released new integration features for Facebook and Digg. That’s pretty cool and continues to extend Cliqset as a premier service but I noticed another new feature not mentioned in the blog post that has appeared.

A short while ago I wrote a post on how “likes” have become a powerful social gesture. In that post I described a feature on Cliqset that shows likes for individual users on their profile pages. In the post I stated how I’d like to see this feature in an aggregated fashion for all the people I follow. Well today my Cliqset prayers have been answered.

Now when you’re on your Cliqset home page you will see a new feature under the streams area called “Web Favorites”. When you click on that link you will get a page that now provides exactly what I wanted, a display of all my friends likes across their linked up services.

This is a great new feature that highlights the links that my friends share on a daily basis across the web. It’s definitely something that brings value to me and is a good start. I look forward to seeing how this feature may evolve into something more as I continue dreaming of the perfect content reader.

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