Creative Use of New Bitly Bundles Feature to Curate a Lifestream

Today I came across this tweet from Joshua Auerbach who announced having used the new Bitly bundle feature to share key moments of his day. If you haven’t yet seen what the new Bitly bundles feature can do, I urge you to go read the blog post and then try it out. When I first heard about it I had a “that’s pretty cool” ho hum attitude without having read about or tried it with an assumption about how it would work. After using it for the first time yesterday, turns out that it’s actually a powerful curation tool.

Lifestream in the form of a Bitly bundle by Joshua Auerbach (click image to visit the page)

The features Bitly has packed into their new bundle tool are fantastic. If you provide a link to a tweet they offer a screenshot with clickable links, if you link to a Flickr photo there is a preview, if you link to a Foursquare checkin there’s a map and details of the location, if you link to a YouTube video an embed is placed on the page. Other features include  providing an overall description and commentary for each of the links added to the bundle, tracking of clicks for each link in the bundle, stats and url sources for the bundle, and ability for people to comment using Disqus on the bundle page. These are just some of the high level features I’ve seen so far.

So I find it pretty interesting to add this new wrinkle of personal curation to Lifestreaming. The original concept is to just link up some services and aggregate all content generated across them in a reverse chronological order. Giving this some thought based on new tools we can make them much more interesting at times by self filtering the full stream. We can also weave the items together to add more context or tell a story with a tool like this which adds more value. While we wouldn’t necessarily do this on a daily basis, there are definitely times when it would make sense.

So while this post was about one person’s use of Bitly’s new feature for Lifestreaming, the bigger story here is actually about using curation tools and services to both filter and augment our Lifestreams. I’ve played with several other of these new breed of curation services besides Bitly and also really like Storify which offers one distinct advantage in allowing a bundle to be embedded elsewhere.I’m also watching I think this is a new territory for Lifestreaming that may provide some more interesting stories for us to watch of one another in the future.

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  1. This is just awesome. Am just now finding out about the bundles and can’t wait to figure it all out. Thanks for the fun and useful information.Perhaps we can find a way to integrate this with our site Look forward to learning all we can about this and participating with promoting others, too.

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