Custom PHP Lifestream Script Built Atop WordPress Plugin

Mark Philpot spent quite a bit of time testing several different Lifestreaming apps including Sweetcron, Kakuteru, and a few other custom scripts. He ended up being fairly happy with the Lifestream plugin for WordPress but wanted to create a more customizable view. So he decided to write some custom PHP code to do just that.

Click image to view Mark’s Lifestream using this script

His code utilizes the Lifestream plugin for WordPress to pull data stored by it in the WordPress database. Then he’s added quite a few nice features:

  • Attractively display your lifestream by event type
  • Supports jQuery plugin imgPreview for posts with a thumbnail entry in the feed
  • Supports jQuery plugin lightbox for Flickr images
  • Supports ContentFlow (Cover Flow implementation) to display images
  • Supports AJAX retrieval of more history for each event type

He’s provided the source code for it here and you can read more about it here.