Custom Visual Lifestream at

I got an email from Terri Ann yesterday telling me about how she had stumbled onto a Lifestream on a site she had visited and felt compelled to create her own. Well her effort is very impressive with some unique visual presentations worth checking out.

Life Feed

Her footer shows the different sources that make up her “Life Feed” with a section titled “built and rebuilt feeds”. She is using Yahoo Pipes and leveraging screen shots from Web Snapr as well.


She states that a write-up and tutorial for how she created it will be available in the future. We look forward to it!

You can view her Life Feed here

3 thoughts on “Custom Visual Lifestream at”

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  2. I think she's done a beautiful job. I really love the graphics displaying the posts. It's easy to keep an overview of each item. Nice and creative. Also, she uses websnapr, one of our family members 🙂

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