Dave Winer Showing Interest in the Lifestream Concept?

Ever since I’ve become aware of the Lifestream concept I’ve been monitoring any new tidbits of information that may be released. So I came across a link to an article titled “Lifestreams could help create new personalised discovery engines” which sounded very interesting so a clicking I will go. Once there I started to read this article that was very interesting when as I started to scroll down the screen I saw the familiar MyBlogLog recent readers widget on the sidebar. So I see my mug on there and then right below me was what I would consider to be an internet Icon. It was none other than Mr. Dave Winer himself. Father of RSS among many other accolades and today was named one of the “The 50 Most Important People on the Web“. Clocking in a bit lower than I would have put him at #39 but hey…they had Tila Tequila listed at #50 so their credibility sank like a tank after I saw that.

I continued to finish the article and then was prompted to add a pretty lengthy comment as well. I then decdied to click on Dave’s avatar to take a look at what his profile looked like. I was then pretty surprised to see that he had just signed up with MyBlogLog that day. Talk about strange timing I was looking at a bare profile page and having just read the latest post on a blog about Lifestreams I felt compelled to drop a message on his page to both re-inforce the chance he was there to read it or draw attention if he hadn’t.

All in all my impulse to do this seemed pretty strange. It really felt like the equivalent of a celebrity spotting, followed by some casual stalking, only to end up with a possibly unprovoked heckle. Pretty amazing similar situations to reality that can occur on the web these days which I would have never pursued in real life, but on the Internet, I almost felt compelled to. Basically I was pretty excited at the strange string of coincidences and let them get the best of me. I just hope that Dave does have interest in some of the concepts regarding Lifestreams and that he becomes involved in helping define a standard.

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  1. I think lifelog may give API which help to deploy World Personal Directory/Search engine.

    And mine, my next step is to create features which LiFE-LiNE to submit Web-Dating and meet new contacts, friends, or employes !

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