Delver Poised to Become a Lifestreaming Search Engine

delver.jpgToday I read about Delver over at TechCrunch. At first glance it appears a bit like services from Spock or Wink that allow you to claim your identity. But after reading a bit more, you can also claim your identity across all of your social networks as well which will then provide relevant searches based on the data. Sure that sounds a bit vague and we won’t know exactly how this pans out until we can hopefully get a golden ticket when it goes into private beta in March.

Here’s a snip:

What if a search engine knew who your friends were and delivered results based on their actions and content across the Web? Today at the DEMO conference, an Israeli startup called Delver (formerly Semingo) is coming out of stealth and announcing its upcoming launch as a semantic social graph search engine.

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