Digg Founder Jay Adelson Lecture on Why Lifestreaming Matters

image courtesy of the Cranbrook Schools website

Jay Adelson returned as an alumni to Cranbrook School to give a lecture last Friday. His talk was about Lifestreaming which he referenced several times. He discussed both the values of engaging on online social activities as well as bringing to light an awareness of the legacy of data that remains on the internet when we share it.

From the Cranbrook website

He discussed the effects of the “lifestream,” the stream of information that we post online, reminding the audience that this information stays on the internet for all to see… Adelson maintained that our lifestreams are beneficial and that they enrich our lives. Everyone simply needs to be aware that this information remains on the internet.

You can read more about Jay’s talk on the Cranbrook website and they’ve also provided a video of his speech which you can view as well.

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