Flavors.me Continues Improving With Latest Release

I’ve written about Flavors.me in the past, and they continue to improve this great Lifestreaming service. They’ve just announced a slew of new updates that include the following:

  • Support for more services including Formspring, Digg, Tripit, Github, and Soundcloud with more coming.
  • Custom Favicons
  • Color Transparency
  • Ability to refresh service-data on demand
  • Option to display your favorite service on initial page load
  • Rounded corners option for basic, widescreen and accordion layouts
  • Control over footer position (contact/share)
  • Ask questions via Formspring
  • Brand new, hand crafted WSIWYG editor
  • New premium layouts

You can find out more in their latest newsletter and If you haven’t yet tried Flavors, I highly recommend you do as it is a very beautiful and simple service to get up and running quickly.

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  1. Jack

    Thanks for the support Mark! We feel like we’re just getting started, and have a ton of new things coming. Feel free to email me anytime if you have any more questions.

  2. jonathanmarcus

    Can’t thank you enough for your continued coverage, support and super kind feedback Mark!

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