Flavors.me Launches and Introduces Premium Features

If you’re not familiar with Flavors.me it’s Lifestreaming service that I really like. I wrote about how it’s a great way to easily get a beautiful Lifestream built quickly. Well they have now officially launched their service and along with continuing to offer the great features available during the beta for free, they now have premium accounts with additional features.

For a mere $20 a year you can also get the following

  • Custom domain
  • Real time traffic stats
  • Support for Clicky and Google Analytics
  • A fancy Lightbox contact form

They also plan to release a more advanced layout framework, an updated members directory along with a powerful search and new browsing tools. You can take a look at my page on Flavors.me here.

If you’re headed to SXSW be sure to meet the team on Saturday March 13th at 11:15AM at the Meet the press event.

4 thoughts on “Flavors.me Launches and Introduces Premium Features”

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