Google’s Social Graph API Has Been Unleashed

Unless you were cut off from the web today you probably heard about Google’s Social Graph API. I was bombarded by those I follow on Twitter with the news. The enthusiasm for this announcement was much greater than that of Open Social from what I can tell. The timing is also great with the O’Reilly sponsored Social Graph Foo Camp event taking place this weekend (with I guess a break during the Superbowl). Many notable folks within the Lifestreaming circle have mentioned their attendance at the conference.

I also noticed today that show host Tim O’reilly raves that it’s “one giant step for the Internet Operating System“. I think I’ll join in a bit on the excitement of this one since I was also able to touch and smell some of what was going on with this release. It’s pretty cool too finally see the underlying XFN code in sites I use finally doing something. I won’t write much more about this as the web was flooded with info (see below) but I look forward to seeing what people do with it.

Stories across the web on the Google Social Graph API:
Webware – Google releases social graph code
Mashable – Google Releases the Social Graph API
Read/Write Web – Google Releases Social Graph API
TechCrunch – Google Gathers Social Graph Information From The Web, Launches API
Scobelizer – Google Starts Linking Social Networks
Read/Write Web – Plaxo Pulse First to Use Google’s Social Graph

And finally here’s Brad Fitzpatrick explaining it with a song and dance (ok maybe just with some lame whiteboard sketches)

6 thoughts on “Google’s Social Graph API Has Been Unleashed”

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  2. If Microsoft would have done this we would up in arms….
    Google does not control the relationships or the api……Just like they dont control any of the content that they spider that does not belong to them…..and turn this content that they dont own into billons of dollars for Google and very little for the original creators of the content….

    If goog is so good….why don’t they open source the entire project and create a non profit to run “Open” Social….They will not do this because they want to corner the market on the indexing of relationships that should be owned and controlled by the end users and not Google…Will Google ask me for permission to crawl my relationships ?

    Can I delete my relationships from the Google servers…The data is on Google’s servers….and they are a company…so they do own the data…

    How is this better than facebook ?

    Did Google contact any of the other companies that have social networks to ask them for their input ?

    Will there be a standards committee that allows end users and companies other than Google to have some input into “Open” Social..Dont hold your breath….its not going to happen…

    Any initiative to deal with a “Social” Graph should not be run by anyone company…Google is a company and we should stop fooling ourselves that they are in business for the public “Good”.
    Google is in Business to make money and this means that by their nature they will try to dominate with little to no regard to any notion of an open standard that would even the playing field for their competitors.

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