How to Display Lifestream Activity Using the MyBlogLog API

MyBlogLog LifestreamI read about the limited beta release of the MyBlogLog API over at Kent Brewster’s website. Kent points out that in the API they’ve introduced functionality related to the outside communities you setup within your MyBlogLog profile. If you haven’t taken a look at your MyBlogLog profile in a while, or aren’t sure if you’ve added all of your external site accounts, you might want to go set that up before visiting Kent’s site.

To configure your MyBlogLog account properly navigate a browser to your MyBlogLog home page. MyBlogLog ProfileIt should be<your user name>/ My page is here. Make sure you are logged in. You will l then see a section titled “Account Tools” in the upper right part of the page. Click on the “Edit profile” button. You will then see a strip of text links. Click on the “Services” link. Here is where you need to setup all of your external site accounts. For now it appears that Kent is supporting Flickr, Twiiter, LinkedIn,, Digg,, Upcoming, and YouTube.

MyBlogLog ServicesNow that you are all setup, go ahead and visit his API test page. So basically Here is where Kent has leveraged the API to show your activity on all of those “Outside Communities”. On this page he is displaying all recent MyBlogLog users that have hit the page and displaying the activity for each of the supported sites that the users have added to their profiles.

Kent also is nice enough to have the source code on the page to see exactly how things are working. This is just a demonstration but it shows some cool stuff that may be coming down the pike as developers start using the MyBlogLog API.

On a side note you should also check out the MyBlogLog About Me Widget which also creates a pretty cool customizable widget based on the services you add to your profile.

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  2. Hey Kent…no problem. Keep up the great work. I just posted a follow up discussing Blog Juice. I’m looking forward to future apps written using the API

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