How to Find Local Twitter Users From Your City is a site that lets you find local Twitter users based on proximity to a given location. They got mentioned quite a bit on Twitter today due to a newly created leader board that shows a breakdown of locations with the most tweets over the last 24 hours. The way it works is you supply the location in the form of a zip code or city / state combo along with a selected range within # of miles and it returns a list of the top tweeters in the area.

I decided I wanted to find all users from my city. So I went ahead and entered Chatsworth CA with a range of 1 mile (the minimum). The results came back with only 2 users, myself and 1 other user. Turns out the results only shows users who have sent a tweet within a 24 hour period. It got me thinking about how I can find all users from my city. I couldn’t find a service that does this though, so I had an idea.

Twitter Local

I figured I could come up with query to Google to find this so I went ahead and created this query “ location chatsworth ca“. I figured I’d query the profile pages of all Twitter users who supplied their location. Sure enough I got more records. It returned 5 users. This seems to be a nice little hack to find users of your city until offers to show all users or another site comes along that does.

6 thoughts on “How to Find Local Twitter Users From Your City”

  1. Searching inside Twitter itself works well. Just type your city in the search box at the top and hit enter! My wish for that feature is to sort the results by last update date…I don't really want to see people who have not updated in over a year.

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  3. This google search tip worked. great info. Works well if searching a wider area like a whole city. thanks

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