How to Read Google Plus Posts in Flipboard

I recorded a step by step guide on how to create a group of Google Plus users using Google Reader and then view their posts in the popular Flipboard iPad app.

This is made possible by an app on appspot that’s available here (Update: previous app is no longer available but there’s a new one here. You should be able to follow the instructions but replace the feed creation process with this new app.). Just visit that site and follow the instructions to create an RSS feed for any Google+ users’ posts. Then go to Flipboard which has the ability to let you connect your Google Reader account and then select the folder of feeds you create for Google+ users. You can see exactly how to do this by watching the short video I created below.

It was cool to see that the folks at Flipboard liked the video as they have added it to their Flipboard Tips section within the App. If you haven’t seen the tips section, click the “More” ribbon on the main page, then click on the “Featured” ribbon and then you’ll see a small image titled “Tips” to click on.

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