How Will Our Online Lives be Preserved?

I’ve often given thought to how our digital legacy will be preserved after we die. Each day we continue to generate content and leave footprints on so many places online. One post where I delved into this quite a bit was “Thoughts on using a Lifestream to create a memorial“. The concept of the post still holds up well although some of the services mentioned may not. I’m sure we’ll collectively be putting more thought towards this and finding better ways to capture our digital history to share with future generations.


My thoughts on this were rekindled yesterday when I saw the poignant video A Life on Facebook below:

We are still spending so much time just making sense of how to improve the creation and filter the consumption of our digital lives being published online that nobody seems to be tackling how we can package the information to share with our grandchildren. I’m hoping as social services evolve that serious thought will be put into making preservation a goal in the future.

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