Introducing the Lifestreaming Visualization Stylings of Nicholas Felton

Today I came across the Felton Report. What is this report? Well I see a beautiful visual Lifestream. It was created by one Nicholas Felton who is a graphic designer based in New York City. He is also the co-creator of the data-tracking website I had recently signed up and gotten access to this site which is currently in private beta. On the surface it appeared to be a Lifestreaming site but after playing around for a little it appears to only provide the ability to create lists and data sets manually to generate your stream data and offers no ability to import data or from link to a 3rd party service.

The images below are from 2 pages of his report and show the uniquely interesting method he has used to visualize his Lifestreaming data. I would be interested in getting more information on the tools he used to aggregate the data because as I mentioned I didn’t see that ability in his Daytum service.

You can view the whole report here. He also has other annual reports and design work which can be found online at his site and

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  1. Life tracking seems to be *the* thing right now. I've been doing it for about a year and a half on Having played with both zeaLOG and Daytum, while they are definitely in the same field of apps, there actually do very different things. I found Daytum beautiful to look at, though essentially all about tallies. Neat to be sure, but different than zeaLOG. zeaLOG is more life tracking personal evolution over time, if that makes sense. zeaLOG also has privacy controls and is built to be social with commenting, and cooperating on shared graphs, which is different than Daytum, at least at this point. Good stuff. Neat to see so many folks getting into it.

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