Is this the Future of Lifestreaming Interactions and Data Visualizations?

lifestream_visualizingToday I veiwed this really cool video (below) from a presentation at the latest LIFT 2009 Conference. The conference describes itself as “a series of events to inspire and connect the community of doers and thinkers exploring the social impact of new technologies”.

The video shows some rather futuristic ways to both view and interact with your Lifestream. The data is viewed on a large display and using hand gestures to manipulate the data. It’s got a very Minority Report feel to it.

The video goes on to discuss challenges posed once we build over 20 years of Lifestreaming data and shows some unique ways that filtering and deleting would happen from this futuristic interface. They also show possible ways the data might also appear on a mobile phone (iPhone used in the video).

Lifestream – Visualizing my data

It’s really great to see that people are already looking into the future to find exciting new ways to allow us to visualize and interact with data. Of course I’m especially excited to see Lifestreaming used as an example.

UPDATE: Here’s a video provided by reader @ejang of the workshop behind the video put on by Willem Boijens, Vodafone, and Jan-Christoph Zoels, Experientia. You can read more about it here.

8 thoughts on “Is this the Future of Lifestreaming Interactions and Data Visualizations?”

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  2. Richard Klancer

    A) I love the '20 year' perspective.

    B) I think it's impossible not to watch this video without thinking: “And now on Sprockets we listen to the dissonance of the flute as Emily places her lover in a space of forgetting”

  3. Haha. I was thinking the same thing re: Sprockets and almost mentioned that in the post but didn't want to make people think they somehow were reading a story on The Onion 🙂

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