Japanese Social Lifestreaming Service Mitter

The other day I saw a Tweet from Kengo Ito annnouncing a post about Lifestreaming service Mitter.jp which as the domain suggests comes to us from Japan. His tweet linked to a post about the service that included a slideshare presentation which I have embedded below.

I found the following portions of the presentation interesting

  • There is mention of several services I’m not familiar with that are integrated (Wassr, Mixi, Ameba)
  • Many top video services and others I haven’t heard of are supported
  • The term Lifelog is used
  • There’s an image showing the progression of Lifestreaming from v1.0 – 3.0
  • They mention FriendFeed and Swurl
  • There appears to be some very cool stat pages available on the service

Since I can’t read Japanese I will just try to pass along my observations about this service. First off it appears that they are introducing themselves as a Social Lifestreaming Service that seems to mainly focus on video based on the site slogan “Share your video experience”. They provide a toolbar and bookmarklet that allows for easy sharing of videos across a large variety of supported services. Along with that you can enter your Twitter user information to tie your activity on there as well.

After watching the slideshow my curiosity was piqued and I went ahead and created an account to try the service. It was easy enough as most of the interface is provided in English. After playing around a bit, I don’t see much in the way of functionality that would qualify this as a Lifestreaming service the way it’s most commonly defined. But perhaps that wasn’t their original intent anyways. In any case I found the presentation interesting enough and worth investigating a bit further as I have yet to see a Japanese Lifestreaming service.

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  1. Thank you very much for your referring our service “Mitter”.
    We will translate into English though, similar material of English version is available as below.

    As you pointed out, our service is not actual lifestreaming service yet, but we think remaining video watching history is part of life log, and we are now aiming to expand the range of personal experience which user can record on our service.
    (Actually, slide title means “Mitter will be transformed into SLS (Social Lifestreaming Service)”

    I would very much appreciate it if you could keep eye on our service.


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