LifePie – A New Self Hosted Script for Lifestreaming

LifePie Example by Jackie PlageJackie Plage wrote me a few days back to let me know about a new custom script that her friend Steffen Larsen had written that utilized SimplePie to create a Lifestream. Jackie’s post provide the details to this and you can see her Lifestream using the script here. There aren’t many scripts out there to achieve this, but this is my favorite implementation yet.

has also wrote a post where he’s calling for beta testers. I’m first in line and I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve also asked if he’d consider turning it into a WordPress plugin which I think would broaden the base of users able to use it by hopefully streamlining the implementation.

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  1. nec

    this is, um, ugly.

  2. No no no, nec. Not ugly. I like how she organize her content ; good idea to separate blog and photos against another events :o)

    But some display problems to fix under Firefox…

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