Lifestreaming Discussion at Metaverse U Conference at Stanford

Jerry Paffendorf whom I’ve written about in the past notified me about the Metaverse U Conference at Stanford which is coming up on February 16 & 17. He assures me that there will be some lively discussion around Lifestreaming among many other interesting topics. You can find the list of speakers here. There will also be a kickoff meetup on Friday February 15th that you can find out more details on here.

1 thought on “Lifestreaming Discussion at Metaverse U Conference at Stanford”

  1. Sorry I’m late in the comments, I escaped the NY blizzard yesterday morning and have been getting shipped around the west coast since. There’s a meetup in Menlo Park over food and drinks on Friday night at 6 with a bunch of people including Metaverse U speakers hot off a workshop mixing virtual worlds and lifestreaming/lifelogging that doesn’t require a conference ticket.

    I love seeing those conversations and technologies mixed together. Virtual worlds are awesome beds for heavy lifestreaming experimentation because absolutely everything in them is trackable and feedable (depending on the world and how you access the data it’s like looking at a world where blended wifi, gps, rfid, and video surveillance are ubiquitous — heavy stuff). I’ve did some work playing with those ideas in Second Life last year and just ran into a researcher at USC who’s studying the streaming social graph in EverQuest 2. @_@

    Hope to see some of your readers that night! It’ll be a good mix of people and influences. Anticipating around 50 of us there.

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