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I came across via Digg and knew it had Lifestreaming written all over it. I like the simple approach with regards to adding & displaying feeds. The home page provides an aggregate view of all users activity along with stats and a tagcloud. Too bad it currently only supports four feeds including, digg, flickr, and twitter. It also is offered as a Facebook application.

Here’s a quote from the blog about the inspiration for creating the site:

Welcome to my little side project! This site sprang forth out of my frustration with both social networks and my increasingly disparate collection of online activity. I wondered to myself why the social networking sites were such silos. Why should I post my photos, blog entries, interesting websites, etc. when I already have a flickr/delicious/digg/twitter account? It just didn’t make sense.

My page is here

Update 6/3/07 – They just added support for

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  1. Hi Mark, thanks much. very helpful…seems like motion can provide single sign in access that would allow the user to see friend's profiles across multiple social networks. thanks again. also looking for a super smart developer that could help me on a project in this space. any ideas?

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