Lifestreaming Mashup Software Kakuteru Inspired by SweetCron and Powered by FriendFeed

There’s an interesting new Lifestreaming software coming called Kakuteru. Dominiek ter Heide speaks of how he was inspired by a Yongfook presentation of SweetCron which prompted him to create this new open source Ruby on Rails development project that sounds like the Lifestreaming equivalent of Frankenstein but in a good way.

From what I can tell it will:

  • Use a user account as the backend to provide all the Lifestream data
  • It will use Disqus to allow commenting of each stream item
  • It will provide manual addition of stream items
  • Each stream item will also provide several social bookmarking tools including
  • Links to profile pages on social media sites are pulled from FriendFeed

But that’s not all. It’s also aiming to take Lifetreaming to the next level with some Semantic features that include:

  • Autotagging of tweets and articles using
  • Built-in content recommendation engine (simple right now)
  • Conforming to many Web Standards, Microformats and Nanoformats
  • Pinging the Blogosphere through Technorati and many others

You can read more about this project announcement here and signup to be emailed for the beta at

Dominiek is also looking for contributors so if you are so inclined to look under the hood of this Ruby on Rails project, the source code repository is available here.

10 thoughts on “Lifestreaming Mashup Software Kakuteru Inspired by SweetCron and Powered by FriendFeed”

  1. First!
    Aren't I supposed to say something like “this is made of win” or something?

    Have played around with SweetCron, and other LifeStreaming tools for a while now, but I'm rubbish at PHP; Ruby, etc. so am looking forward to having the trusty FriendFeed as a backend at last (though I do resent it, for some reason).

    That said, if the SweetCron community were more vocal, there would be far more innovation going on; us code-stupid bloggers could cook up something cool looking more easily; and FongYook's crown would be saved!

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