Lifestreaming Posts and Pages from around the Web

I’ve noticed some intersting stuff about Lifestreaming out there and wanted to point out the people and posts for you.

Jeremy Wagstaff is a columnist for the WSJ. He wrote a story titled Directory of Lifestreaming which he chose to break out from his Diretory of Attention. Both give good overviews and I’m hoping he continues to follow Lifestreaming as it starts breaking new ground.

Chris Saad is a known figure in the Lifestreaming community. Here are his credentials

That’s quite a portfolio and I’ve just recently downloaded the Particls software and should hopefully have feedback on it soon. In the meantime he wrote a very interesting post on the blog titled “Life after pageviews: Proposing AudientStream and AttentStream” which is an interesting read.

John Tropea runs Library Clips and his post “Meta-identity content, ok then Lifestreams” provides a good overview on Lifestreaming as well as listing a gaggle of services. Furthermore, there are comments left by Chris Saad, Kelly Abbot and a response by John that really gives some great insights into Lifestream that I hadn’t quite listed so eloquently and need to see if John will let me add them to the definition.
Here’s a snip:

I see a lifestream as content I publish, comment and collect…I guess this displays basically what I pay attention to…if I blog, comment and bookmark it, this means this is what I pay attention to.

Sam Sethi is someone I ran into early on in my discovery of Lifestreaming when I read his post on “Lifestreams could help create new personalised discovery engines” and I continue to see him in all the places I hang out. I also came across his post on “Another way to create a lifestream“. He appears to be another Lifestreaming evangelist like the rest of us.

Alex Bisceglie wrote “LifeStreams, an Essay in Progress” which is a great piece talking about the roots and pondering the future.

Here’s a post on Google and Lifestreaming that talks about Google’s new timeline experiment and Lifestreams.

Some nice and unique Lifestream implementations I’ve recently come across can be found at these sites:

If you are a reader of this site and find interesting stories or Lifestreams you come across, please send them over by submitting the contact form on my about page.

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