Lifestreaming Statistics Module for SweetCron Built Using Google Charts

I’ve always thought there could be some interesting analysis that could be gleaned from the content we publish to our Lifestreams. This is definitely a market that hasn’t been successfully tapped just yet.

FriendFeed used to provide a graph that showed your personal breakdown of items by service as well as those from the people that you followed, that made up the total items available in the stream.

I enjoy tracking my personal computer usage with Rescue Time and will write a post on that at some point but that is for tracking all usage on your computer. I’d like to isolate just the slice of data published to my Lifestream.

Click image to view live version of these SweetCron statistics

Michael Adling uses SweetCron and has developed a way to track stats on the activities that make up his Lifestream. He’s done this by developing a module for SweetCron using PHP code that dynamically updates a Google chart he’s created based on the data collected via SweetCron. The result is a pretty cool display that shows the following:

  • Pie that displays the shares of the collected activities
  • Bars that show which days I’m most active on
  • Radar chart that shows the activities during the months
  • Radar chart that shows how the activies are spread through out the day (average)
  • Radar chart that shows todays activities, if a ray is as long as the axis, more than avarage activies has been collected

It’s an interesting approach and one that I’m sure could be applied to other data sources such as the very popular WordPress Lifestream plugin. Michael has offered to provide this module he’s built for SweetCron. Just visit his post to contact him.

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