Microsoft Continues Lifestreaming Initiative with Additional Sites Supported for Windows Live

Tonight I read over on SEO and Tech Daily that the Windows Live blog reported yesterday that they have now completed a rollout that has added a significant number of new sites that can now display web activities on your profile page.

You just need to visit to configure which ones you want to add. There are 20 new sites that have been added. Here’s a breakdown by category mentioned in the post:


I’ve also provided a screenshot of my web activities page below


There are several other new features with this release including the ability to import contacts from Facebook, Hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tagged. The display of the Lifestream itself unfortunately hasn’t been updated and is a bit bland utilizing only text descriptors. In either case I’m glad that Microsoft is still pushing forward and dedicating resources towards increasing the Lifestreaming efforts on the Windows Live service. I’m keeping an eye on them hoping they continue to improve.

Screenshot of my profile page


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