My Interview on Lifestreaming for the New York Press

new_york_press.jpgI was contacted by Gina Pace of the New York Press for a story they were writing on Lifestreaming. I spent about 40 minutes with her on the phone where I spent a good deal of time explaining the concept from its early beginnings to where it is now and where I thought it was going. It was a great conversation.

She interviewed several others including Paul Buchheit of FriendFeed, John McCrea of Plaxo and Kevin Lim.

It would have been nice if she mentioned this site and other topics we had discussed, but overall it resulted in a good article which you can read here

3 thoughts on “My Interview on Lifestreaming for the New York Press”

  1. Mark, least you're top of mind in the article! I wasn't even informed the article was out. I think Gina mixed up the lifestreaming and lifecasting on my part, so it came out a little convoluted. Still, it's makes for a decent primer on the topic. 🙂

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