My Visit to the FFundercats Podcast

The FFundercats Podcast is a show run by FriendFeeders Josh Haley and Johnny Worthington where every week they discuss the service often with various users from FriendFeed as their guests. They’ll discuss the service itself but also delve into the users of the community and what interesting things they shared or discovered over the course of the week. It’s a great show because Johnny (an Aussie with attitude) and Josh (a kickass ukulele player) are cool people that don’t take the show too seriously and enjoying have fun on there. That’s exactly what I found when I joined them last week.

We started the show discussing the FriendFeed outage from the night before. Johnny took issue with MG Siegler’s post and joking stab during the outage. I personally didn’t pay much mind to it and didn’t get caught up in any drama. You can hear both my viewpoint and Johnny’s on this but lets just say that I try not to pay much attention or waste energy arguing the value of a service for myself because I’d much rather spend that time constructively with the users who have already embraced it.

We go on to a much funner and lighthearted topic after that…Olympic Curling. We discuss our collective excitement over its coverage and even take turns coming up with some pretty interesting and innovative ways that the sport could evolve into something much better funner to watch.

We talk about this and plenty more. You can stream it below or visit their site to download MP3 versions or subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “My Visit to the FFundercats Podcast”

  1. I normally do not have the attention span to listen to long-form podcasts, but Ffundercats is one podcast that gets my attention. Its key strength is community, which is why (as you noted) they spend a good deal of time delving into the users, and why they do things such as the Moment of Win. And if Zuckerberg eventually does turn out the lights at FriendFeed, I hope that Josh and Johnny can be persuaded to create a Fbundercats for Facebook users.

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