I’d imagine that most of you have already by now heard of but for the 3 of you that haven’t (wait, that’s my total readership at this point) then you should go check it out. He calls it Lifecasting, although I think of it as Extreme Lifestreaming. Basically this guy mounted a camera on his had and streams his life over the web 24/7. This includes sleeping and limited censoring of his bodily functions.

The site has gotten quite a lot of buzz and Justin was even featured on NPR. His plan is to make a Web TV channel that has hundreds of different people walking around broadcasting their lives the same way he does. Sounds pretty ambitious but I imagine there are plenty of people that would line up for this. So it isn’t very surprising to hear a celebrity state they want to do just that.

Natalie Portman has decided that she wants to be the first celebrity to jump on the Lifecasting bandwagon. She has apparently been seen in Silicon Valley searching for funding so that she can move forward with this. She’s smart to capitilize on Justin’s experiment and I think could take it to a whole new level with some backing behind her. It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere.

So now I’m curious as to who will be the first celebrity to create a Lifestream. My guess is that if one of the services out there is able to attract a few celebrities to create Lifestreams they would definitely get the buzz they deserve. So Lynn, Kelly, Peterri, and Olivier may you all attract some stars to get Lifestreaming the attention it deserves.

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  1. I think a celebrity could request/receive somes royalties with his/her lifestream while he/she share bookmarks, playlist, or video trailers which present famous brands :o”

    Anything else, I don’t want to add “stupid” and “explicit” advert (as Google AdSense or YPN) on Life-Line streams. But I will offer my talent to create personalized theme/skin for VIP-users which support Life2front network ;o) .oO(and do it for free if I’m pleased)

    Mark, you faked my future homepage feature ! :o))))

  2. I’m at a loss to understand why Natalie Portman wants to strap a camera to her head and record her life 24/7… usually a stunt like this is attributed to an actor trying to re-spark their career.

    I guess this is just an extension of “reality tv” that became “celebrity reality tv”. First it was normal people lives that were televised then b-rate celebrities.

    But, I mean we already get enough of Natalie from the paparazzi what are we missing? Natalie yelling at her personal assistant cuz she wanted a bowl of red M&M’s with the ‘&’ scratched off and replaced with a tiny drawing of a dog…

  3. It appears that there is a new trend for celebrities to start carving out their own properties to capitalize on the web. I think they are watching as so many non-celebrities are starting to do this and they feel this is just another medium that is at a stage where it’s time to jump in.

    As the article mentions, Will Ferrell has also created a web property in in a partnership with another venture capitalist firm. I think we are going to see quite a few more of these this year.

  4. Very interesting, but I don’t think celebrities have the same “power” in the virtual world as the real world. Since on the web we have a whole new set of celebrities and the barrier for becoming one is much lower.

  5. I’ve seen and I foundmyself wanting to lifecast cuz I thought it was a cool idea. Then I logged on to, streamed with friends and got it out of my system. LOL.

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