New GM Blog Design Inspired by SweetCron

Damian Rintelmann wrote a post today titled “Lifestreaming is it the new blog platform?“. In it he discusses Yongfook’s proclimation that the blog is dead, linking to a video of a presentation he did at Tokyo 2.0 (video embedded below).

Like so many others, Damian goes on to explain how lack of time and the ability to post quickly and easily has made him embrace Lifestreaming and he has incorporated it into his site.

He goes on to say:

I’ve even taken the lifestream approach with a couple of clients. My team recently relaunched the GM FYI blog to be shorter posts and more focused on photos/videos.

Here’s the result

Looks to be very inspired by SweetCron’s design…no?

Here’s Yongfook’s Video presentation at Tokyo 2.0 on 9/1/08

8 thoughts on “New GM Blog Design Inspired by SweetCron”

  1. strange i just had an email conversation with Adam from GM about 12seconds. he said that they don't do webcams or cell phones though.

  2. Um, no. That design style goes way, way back to like 1999. I call it panels, or date-panels, in my shop.

    Here is another example that predates all of this:

    That's a good friend of mine who's had his site set up like that for ages – it's a common layout.

    In fact if anything sweetcron is ripping others. 🙂 That's flamebait right (and I'm of course kidding).

  3. Gaff, my bad. I thought he'd been using it longer than that.

    Look, don't mean to criticize, it just seemed a little strong that you were insinuating a rip.

    Thanks for the response.


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