New Lifestream Extension for Joomla Available

If you’re not familiar with Joomla, it’s an open source content management system that is similar to Drupal. Extensions are add-ons available for it and I just came across one called Lifestream from Joomlashack that has become available.

It currently supports aggregating your data from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, and RSS feeds. They will be releasing an update within a few weeks to add and LinkedIn. This will be the second update since the extension was released just a few weeks ago so it seems to be getting some nice attention.

Here’s a few of the features they list:

  • display multiple social network feeds separately or together as an integrated stream
  • display in 3 different views: tab, grid (side-by-side) or integrated
  • set up your streams as a component (front page, for example) or a module (throughout your site, etc)
  • add multiple accounts/users for each social network feed to create even more interesting streams
  • choose between the included Light/Silver or Charcoal/Grey themes..or create your own themes!
  • add custom formatting to each of your streams for infinite style possibilities

The extension does cost $24 but includes future updates and support. below is an overview video and you can visit the product page here.

5 thoughts on “New Lifestream Extension for Joomla Available”

  1. If there is no ability for users to interact (comment or like) I see no added value here. Also, there are tons of services even now that expand links and display videos and photos, I am kind of disappointed to see that joomlashack is still on the level of links. I hope they advance and innovate fast enough, otherwise there is no much incentive.

  2. Useful add on .You can display your ‘life streams’ in side-by-side windows, tab view or in one window.
    Imagine the power and convenience of sharing your Flickr pics, YouTube videos

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