New Lifestreaming Plugin for WordPress Based on Simplepie

I recently got word from Kieran Delaney about his new Lifestreaming plugin for WordPress called Simplelife. It’s based on the Simplepie RSS parser instead of the built-in MagpieRSS one that has issues and is used by some of the other WordPress Lifestreaming plugins out there.

It’s currently an Alpha version and although I haven’t tried it yet, it appears to offer some good functionality and have a nice layout. I’m hoping that a future version will make the addition (and editing) of the feeds easier. Perhaps from the admin dashboard as opposed to having to add / edit them in a php file.

Get the Simplelife WordPress plugin here

See it in action here
Simplelife WordPress Lifestream Plugin

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  1. Apollo

    I’ve set up a modified version of this on my website and am loving it. It’s the best solution I’ve found so far for lifestreaming.

  2. Michael Hocter

    It’s not exactly a plugin, more like a WordPress page template with some script and CSS. It works, but I had to make a lot of modifications to make it work with my theme. Worth the effort, though.

  3. Mark

    @Apollo, very nice implementation.

    @Michael, tru, tru, but better than the older plugins I’ve tried in the past. btw, you are truly a gifted photographer.

  4. Joel de Bruijn

    Thansk for the tip!
    However: I couln’t get Simplelife configured right.

    So I thought:
    – What makes a lifestream “sustainable”? If every entry in the lifestream would be a blogpost in wordpress, my stream is as sustainable as wordpress. Making it possible in the future to migrate or upgrade to whatever WordPress is developing.
    – What can aggregate my content from over the web to wordpress? I started with wp-o-matic, but moved to “FeedWordpress” from Charles Johnson. Which pulls in my feeds from delicious, lastfm, twitter etc.
    – A normal blogpost doesn’t look like a lifestream. So I just show the title of the posting.
    – I use the new CategoryIcon from Ivan Georgiev. To show a nice icon at every post.

    You can see it at work:
    (yes, with 4 w’s: where, when, what, who…)

    Keep up the good work!

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