New Timeline Based Lifestreaming Service AllofMe is a new service that is currently in Alpha that has entered the Timeline based form of Lifestreaming. It appears to be similar to previous services I’ve covered dipity and LifeBlob and even Dandelife to some degree. I have yet to try the service as I don’t have an account, but they provide several interesting timelines available for view on the current site. The examples are history, sport, and pop culture driven and provide a very large and visually rich looking timeline. I especially enjoyed the Life Magazine timeline.


There aren’t any personalized timelines available for viewing, although a teaser on the site claims that is coming soon with the ability to import digital assets , such as pictures, videos, blogs, documents, or any internet page. The image above taken from their site allows us to glean somewhat into possible services that will be supported such as YouTube, Twitter, Picasa, and Flickr as well as personal documents.

Below is also a very well produced and catchy video teaser for the service

This looks interesting and worth checking out when they open up. You can register on the site to become a beta tester.

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  1. Gotta say you write and discover some kewl sites. When I first was looking into setting up a blog I knew I wasn't going to write very much and sort of knew about the whole lifestreaming thing. I stumbled across your site looking for a social site plugin and I was hooked from then on. I finally got my own site up and I think it will do great thanks to your site.

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