Nokia Continues to Lead Lifestreaming Innovation on Mobile Devices

nokia_researchNokia continues to be the one mobile company focused on exploiting Lifestreaming both on their devices as well as the web. A few months ago I wrote about their nVine service which was an impressive visual community focused on geo located photos by users.

Nokia is continuing their Lifestreaming push with the release of what they are calling their “Linked Internet UI Concept” which aggregates all of your friends online content into one simple interface. The video shows a phone where friends are displayed by thumbnail photos. When you click on one of your friends you then view their “Life” profile which provides an aggregated view of their activity across multiple communities including Twitter and a photo site. They also go into demonstrating content discovery by navigating from one users content to discover relevant content created by others. A search engine is also demonstrated that returns results from your social graph.

Here’s the video they produced to demonstrate the concept

This is how they describe it:

Linked Internet UI Concept understands the content, and links related content using the same navigation method as the Web. The linkage is based on similarity of the content, such as similar service sources, associated contacts, or assigned tags. For example, photos are linked if they are shared or commented by the same person, or taken in the same location. By leveraging the links between related content items, the concept can help people to discover content that they may not be able to find otherwise.

Linked Internet UI Concept identifies “interesting” content by learning the user’s habits. The users are facing high volumes of online content shared by their contacts on various services and applications. They may find some content is very important, but most of it is not. Linked Internet UI Concept prioritizes the content and highlights the items most likely to be important. It does that by learning the users’ habits over time, and by adapting to provide them with personalized views.

Nokia has created a site to provide more details on this concept and you can read more about it here.